Harness the power of Facebook Ads
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Feeling COMPLETELY overwhelmed with Facebook Targeting?
Got no idea where your Audience is hanging out? 
Not getting awesome conversions on your offer?
  • 6 pages of Facebook Demographics all laid out for you!
  • Know your target market's interests inside out....
  • From their Connections...
  • From their Custom Audiences...
  • From their Interests....
  • Get inside their heads with Purchase Behaviour....
  • Have your Ads hitting their sweet spot. Cha- Ching! 
  • From their Location...
  • Don't waste anymore money!
  • From their Industry...
Buy and download today for just $7.
Facebook Ad Targeting Cheat Sheet
Facebook Ad Targeting Cheat Sheet
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Keep this CHEAT SHEET on your Desktop, on your phone, on your iPad...
Have it handy every time you are creating your Facebook Ads!
Facebook has over 1.2 BILLION active users.  The advanced targeting option means that you can connect strategically with your target demographic!
  • Target by Gender - in any age group
  • Interests - People, sports, interests, etc..
  • Location - in any country
  • #1 Trick We Can Do... Target your competitors audience
About Jacqui
If you are looking for someone that is passionate about Facebook Ads - I am your gal!  If you really want to see me light up, start a conversation with me about CTR's, CPC's and Opt in rates......

Watching businesses fortune's turn around due to a great campaign makes me SO happy! Hearing about turnovers quadrupling (YES!) and seminars booking out, where before there were crickets, sends me to the stars. 

You are here because you need a little help with generating more sales.  OK, you may need a LOT of help....

How do I achieve that for you?  -  I get into your target market's head.  I track them down and find where they are hanging out, chatting; whether they like cappuccino or latte, or prefer Gary Vaynerchuk to Tony Robbins.  You will love it when your ad pops up in their feed, and your bank account goes Cha - Ching!

About you: Possess an entrepreneurial mindset. You want see the goods produced. The money on the table.  I get it.  Having started from scratch 3 successful businesses, in 3 completely different markets,  I know exactly what you need. 

Contact me now, I want to get started on making those leads pour in and that phone ringing...

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