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Target your market strategically and immediately.  Use the Facebook relevancy score to know how effective your campaign is.
You are in control of your Facebook ad spend.  We charge a fee to set up the campaign, and monitor the ads.  
We can work with your web developer and set up a conversion pixel on your website.
I Hour Coaching - 
Facebook Ads Coaching
1 Hour Coaching Call $195 USD
Taking you through step by step on how to setup your campaign/ads. Also includes additional 15 minute followup coaching call to assist you if required.
'Done for you' Solutions - Campaign Set up
Facebook Ads Campaign Setup
Campaign creation -$195USD
 Ad objectives Consultation, 1 x Campaign, with 2 x Ads to split test. Setting up of target demographics.

Weekly Campaign Management
Facebook Ads weekly campaign mangagement
Weekly management of campaign - $55USD
Daily monitoring of statistics, adjusting the demographics to achieve highest relevance possible, adjusting text in the ad to achieve a greater CTR.
Our ship was sinking and I was watching it sink. In that ship was our business, our mortgage, our family's future and perhaps even our marriage. I was accepting that we were becoming broke. This small business we bet our money on was taking everything down with it. We tried everything. We failed.
Across the way was Jacqui, always ecstatic about her new venture and how fantastic it was going. We tried Facebook ads ourselves, but it didn't work. Jacqui was going to be our last resort. I asked her to start 'yesterday'. She got straight on it. This is what happened:
Day 1 - A lot of consulting was done between Jacqui, my wife and I which seemed to last about 12 hours of relaying messages about ideas. Our ad went live and we got 1 'click', but no customer.
Day 2 - 6 clicks, no customers
Day 3 - 18 clicks and our first customer! If we can get 1, we can get 10! Optimism was very slight, it lasted about a minute before doubt set back in.
Day 6 - We got loads of clicks and the phone was ringing. Enquiries came in. Jacqui kept tinkering with the ad. We put on another ad.
Day 11 - Our first full week with Jacqui on-board. We went from 8 bookings the previous week to 24! All I can remember was feeling addicted. I kept looking at my calendar to see new bookings!
Week 2 - We broke our best record of most earnings and most bookings. We made more ads!
Week 3 - More growth and new customers every day! Everyone has seen our ads, we get reports from everywhere.
So now we are scaling the ads as it all pays for itself anyway. Jacqui is the lifeblood of our business. We simply would've gone bust without her. I don't know how she did it, but she did it! She saved our business!
Thank you Jacqui, we can't be anymore grateful. You saved us and it was not long ago when we were in the gutter. Thank you so much. You are an angel
David and Chantel Bergwerf - The Beauty Barre
Since employing Jacqui to take care of my business marketing via Facebook Advertising, my trade in my bar has doubled on the nights that we found were the quietest. This has resulted in greater business exposure as the positive word of mouth generated from the new clients has been phenomenal. Her knowledge and passion for achieving results is what sees her clients have such great business success in such a short space of time. I will not hesitate to use Jacqui for my business marketing as we continue to grow from strength the strength as a team. 
Rowanne Sarrouf, Longworth House
We have come from an enrolment booking of 1 or 2 over 7 - 10 days for a child birth class, to an enrolment of 1 per day for either a child birth class or an early parenting class.  The brand awareness campaign has created a positive interest in what services Calm Connexions provides, we now have opened a second child birth class for both 
February and March 2017.
Shaun McLeod, Calm Connexions
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